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"Take Out Doubt, Embrace Courage"

Take Out Store


Limited Time Offer

Free Sticker Pack w Purchase of T Shirt (Online Only)

Introducing our exclusive promotion for everyone! For a limited time only, enjoy some premium stickers with every purchase of a Take Out Tee.


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Quality Assurance

"Take Out White Label is dedicated to uncompromising quality across our clothing and CBD offerings. Our commitment to quality assurance starts from the selection of premium materials. We guarantee that every product bearing our label exemplifies a high quality benchmark of craftsmanship and consistency. Our dedication to quality assurance ensures that each item reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence, delivering trust and satisfaction to our clients and their end consumers."

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*Take Out White Label does not provide professional and medical advice. According to the FDA, CBD not approved by them should not be used by for therapeutic or health reasons. Please consult with a professional prior to using any CBD products not approved by FDA. As of today only ONE company has been approved by the FDA for public consumption.

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